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Understanding the Ice Calendar

Members are welcome to come to the Club and practice on sheets not being used during open hours.

View our Calendar to see what dates and times may have sheets that are not in use. From week to week, the availability could change so please make sure to check for the specific day you want to come in (as opposed to any "Monday"). We have provided instructions below in how to interpret the calendar.  

ice calendar1
General Availability

Our leagues are defined in the calendar, (e.g. Take It Easy, Drop in Stick League, Mixed, Open, Doubles, BWL, etc..). Next to the league is the number of sheets that are being utilized. Our club has 8 curling sheets available.

In this example, you can see the following:

1. Take It Easy - uses 6 sheets
2. Drop in Stick League - uses 5 sheets
3. Mixed - uses 8 sheets

The Take it Easy league starting at 930am and ending at 1130am (hover over the event to see full event details, including end time) is utilizing 6 sheets during that time frame. This means that there are 2 free sheets available for free practice during this time.

The end time of the practice session would be the end time of the given event listed on the calendar. Ice conditions on these 2 open sheets are provided as-is. This also means that a team could book a paid practice rental on one of the open sheets.

In the case of Mixed (8) at 6pm, all sheets are being used, therefore no practice sheets are available.

ice calendar2
Ice Open

Periodically we will list Open Ice events where individual members (or teams) are welcome to come utilize the ice. This is free practice time and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Ice conditions may vary during these times but the ice is typically prepared shortly before these times of events.

You can still rent paid practice ice during these times - this will guarantee you a sheet and also guarantee your ice conditions.

ice calendar3
Ice Closed

At times you will notice items like Ice Closed, or Ice Maintenance on our calendar. These times are not available for any practice or rental sessions.

In this example, you can see that as of 530pm, 4 sheets would be available as only 4 are being used by Doubles.

ice calendar3
Unlisted Times

Times that are not listed on the calender are typically not available for free practice sessions.

For example, Ezyduz It League runs from 930am-1130am. From 1130am forward to the next listed event, the ice is typically closed. We are still able to support paid rental practices during these times.

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