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Wheelchair Curling

logo wheelchairThere is an ever-increasing interest of wheelchair-bound athletes in the sport of curling nationwide. Wheelchair curling offers a great way for those with a disability to remain active and enjoy some cameraderie and fun through the winter months. 

The Thunder Bay Wheelchair Association hosts a league at Fort William Curling Club which is a fully wheelchair accessible facility. Instruction is offered to new players by our experienced wheelchair curlers. To take part, you must be 18 years or older with a physical disability.

Wheelchair curling is slightly different from traditional curling. Athletes typically deliver rocks from their chair using a curling stick (same that is used in Stick League). The stick attaches to the handle of the rock and allows the curler to push the rock with the stick towards the target, while releasing it from the stick. Sweeping is not required except by the player acting as skip for that end once the rock reaches the house.

For More Info: For further information about wheelchair curling or our Wheelchair League, please contact Gino by phone at (807) 577-6507 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may also contact Fort William Curling Club at (807) 622-5377. 


2024/2025 Wheelchair League Dates & Times

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2024/2025 Wheelchair League Rates (per person)

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NOCA Fee*: $19 (NOCA $17 and Curling Canada $2 including taxes).
*Fee must be paid once, regardless of number of leagues entered, unless you have proof of payment at another club for the current season.

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Rules of Play

  1. The teams shall toss a coin to determine which team delivers the first stone in the first end. The winner of the toss has the choice between playing the first or second stone of the end. The team that plays the first stone of the end has choice of handle colour.
  2. Each team is comprised of four players, with a minimum of one female player.
  3. Stones may be delivered by hand while leaning over the side of the wheelchair or with a delivery stick, from a stationary wheelchair. 
  4. Sweeping/brushing is not allowed between the hog lines.
  5. The Free Guard Zone Rule applies.
  6. All games are 6 ends (or buzzer) whichever comes first. If the two teams agree prior to the game to play less than 6, the buzzer rule must still be followed if time becomes an issue. The buzzer indicates you complete the end you're in and play 1 more.
  7. An end is considered complete once the final stone thrown in an end comes to rest.
  8. Please remember to keep up the pace of play. The buzzer gives you 20 minutes before the next draw. You should be able to complete your game in that time frame.
  9. The “No-tick” Rule is not in effect.
  10. Ties are allowed in round robin play.


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