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Mixed League

league fwcc mixed mainFort William Curling Club is the place to be Friday nights! Our mixed curling league offers a fun and relaxed evening with music played on the ice. Just make sure you have a team of 2 male and 2 female players to enter this league.

Skill ability is anywhere from novice to competitive with a total of 32 teams accommodated in two timeslots with 2 flights (A & B). Teams have the option of playing weekly or bi-weekly. At the completion of the first half of the season, teams may change flights depending on their record to ensure everyone is playing in a fun and competitive division for their level. All teams are guaranteed three games in the playoffs. Come join us Friday nights!

League Contact Info:   Standings:

Chris Schiiler
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2023-2024 Playoff A, B, C & D Winners
A Event: Tessier Rink
B Event: C. McCallum Rink
C Event: Vandenbrand Rink
D Event: Meadows Rink


2024/2025 Mixed League Dates & Times

 League Night Dates Timeslot Flights   
Fridays Oct 18/2024 - Apr 4/2025 6-8pm  A,B
Fridays Oct 18/2024 - Apr 4/2025 8-10pm A,B


2024/2025 Mixed League Rates (per person)

 Frequency Base Cost HST Total
Alternating Fridays $120.97 $15.73 $136.70
Every Friday $196.11 $25.49 $221.60

NOCA Fee*: $19 (NOCA $17 and Curling Canada $2 including taxes).
*Fee must be paid once, regardless of number of leagues entered, unless you have proof of payment at another club for the current season.

Click here to view all club league rates. 

Rules of Play

  1. The teams shall toss a coin to determine which team delivers the first stone in the first end. The winner of the toss has the choice between playing the first or second stone of the end. The team that plays the first stone of the end has choice of handle colour.
  2. A team must be comprised of two men and two women, who must alternate throwing order. For example, Male, Female, Male, Female or Female, Male, Female Male.
  3. All games are 8 ends (or buzzer) whichever comes first. If the two teams agree prior to the game to play less than 8, the buzzer rule must still be followed if time becomes an issue. The buzzer indicates you complete the end you're in and play 1 more.
  4. An end is considered complete once the final stone thrown in an end comes to rest.
  5. Please remember to keep up the pace of play. The buzzer gives you 20 minutes before the next draw. You should be able to complete your game in that time frame.
  6. If a team has a spare player, that person must throw 1st or 2nd rocks.
  7. The 5 Rock Rule applies.
  8. The “No-tick” Rule is not in effect.
  9. Ties are allowed in round robin play.

Unless otherwise stated above, the general rules of play from Curling Canada should be followed where applicable:

Playoff Rules

The above Rules of Play apply with the following additions/modifications:

  1. For the Finals, the hammer will go to the team with the higher seed in the Final Standings. It will be noted on the draw board.
  2. Tie Breaker Rules: If a game is tied after the last end, a draw to the button will determine the winner.
    • Each team will choose one person to throw the rock.
    • The team that scored in the final end throws first.
    • FULL SWEEPING is allowed.
    • The skip OR designated broom holder of the non-shooting team is allowed to sweep the opponent’s rock behind the tee line just like a normal shot in game play.
    • If no rocks land in the house, each team will throw again until a winner is determined.

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