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Current Directors

2023-2024 FWCC Board

Our current 2023-2023 FWCC Board consists of Kevan Stranges, Tricia Sampson, Dan Desautels, Ken Kopechanski, Stan Nemec, Chris Schiiler, Ken Yanishewski, Bill Nigro, Len Hunt, John Hari and Candy McLean.

Please review our positions below:

Current Members & Positions

 Position Representative
President Kevan Stranges
1st Vice-President Tricia Sampson
2nd Vice-President Dan Desautels
Past President Ken Kopechanski
Bar Director Kevan Stranges
Tricia Sampson
Membership & Draw Committee

Dan Desautels
Chris Schiller
Len Hunt
John Hari

Finance Committee Ken Kopechanski
Kevan Stranges
Human Resources Committee Len Hunt
Facilities Directors Stan Nemec
Bill Nigro
Ken Kopechanski
Marketing, Communications & Public Relations Committee Tricia Sampson
Candy McLean
Bonspiels, Fundraising & Events Committee Chris Schiller
Tricia Sampson
Ken Kopechanski
Stan Nemec
Secretary Tricia Sampson


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