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photo etiquetteWhether you are a novice or veteran, it is essential to understand, not only the rules of the game of curling, but the unwritten expectations that govern a curler's actions. Sportsmanship, courtesy, respect, integrity and cameraderie are values very unique to the culture of this sport. After all, once we have finished playing a game, we often sit with our opponents for a beverage. By respecting etiquette guidlines, we promote fair play and ensure a great experience for all! 

We appreciate that you take the time to read and follow these guidelines.

Etiquette Expectations

  1. Be on time. Don't hold up 7 other curlers. Let somebody know if you won't be on time.
  2. Get a sub. Communicate with your team if you can't make it. You can then find a sub. If you can't find a sub, you can curl a game with 3 people. You throw 3-3-2 vs 2-2-2-2.
  3. Never no-show!! Contact your opponent if your team cannot make it. They need time to contact their team and may be driving a long distance to curl.
  4. Practice. It is ok to take some practice slides on the sheet your game is on but do not throw any rocks.
  5. CLEAN EQUIPMENT - A MUST!! There is nothing worse for a curler to play on dirty and damaged ice. Wear clean shoes and clothing. 
  6. Handshakes. All curling games begin and end with a handshake. Shake the hand of each member of the opposing team and wish them "Good Curling" or "Have a good game". This is a good time to introduce yourselves as well.
  7. Know your position on the ice. Never be in a position that will distract your opponent. Do not cross the ice when the opposing team is in the hack, do not get in the way of the sweepers. Sweepers on the opposing team need to be positioned between the hoglines. Only the skip and vice skip can be in the house when the opposing team is throwing. 
  8. Be ready to go! When the other team is done throwing their rock, have your rock cleaned and be in the hack ready to go. Slow games and people not ready distract ies are allowed in round robin play.
  9. Know your place. After delivering your stone, move to the side of the sheet between the “hog “ lines, unless you are the skip. Leads and seconds are not permitted in “house” or “rings”, except when sweeping or to remove the stones after the count has been determined by the vices.
  10. Be ready to sweep. Be prepared to sweep as soon as your teammate releases the rock.
  11. Pay attention. Always know where the rocks are going and be aware of what's going on during your game
  12. Be honest. If you accidentally touch the rock you are sweeping with either your foot or broom, it is expected for you to announce to both teams what has happened. Generally, the stone should be removed from play unless the skip of the opposing team says otherwise.
  13. Be a good sport. Congratulate players, both teammates and opponents, when they make a good shot. By the same standard, do not embarrass a player who has missed a shot. Cheering a missed shot is considered in poor taste and poor sportsmanship. Also do not make light of any bad fortune that befalls your opponent.
  14. Scoring. The 3rds on the team are in charge of scoring. Let them decide on who scored and how many points.
  15. Help your Skip be prepared. Place your skip’s rock in front of the hack to help speed up the game.
  16. Rules. The skips are in charge of calling the game and communicating with each other regarding the rules of the game. It is very very rare that something cannot be worked out and agreed upon by the teams. Curling is a game that prides itself on respect, courtesy, and honour. Curlers police themselves and are the first to admit when they have made a mistake.
  17. Wave the white flag when necessary. A team can concede a curling game at any point they feel they can't come back. Don't keep playing when you are way down in a game or mathematically eliminated. It is frustrating for the team that is way up. Many people new to the game are just unaware they should quit. So, remember, it's OK to quit, shake the other team's hands, say "Good Game", head to the bar and live to fight another day.
  18. Handshakes. As already mentioned (several times), curling is a game centred around good sportsmanship. Before and after a game, shake hands with the opposing team. The winning curlers traditionally offer their counterparts some refreshments.
  19. Hand and knees off the ice! Your feet should be the only part of your body that comes in contact with the ice. Keep body heat - hands and knees off the ice. It damages the ice surface and can affect the outcome of the rocks and game.

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