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Stick League

league fwcc stick mainA growing sport in Thunder Bay and gaining a lot of traction worldwide, stick curling adds a whole new spin to traditional curling! Requiring only 2-person teams, Stick Curling is easy to learn but is definitely a challenge to master!

Fort William Curling Club is proud of the growth and success of its Stick Curling League and was happy to host bonspiels to its membership, with a highlight of hosting the Northern Ontario Stick Curling Championship in 2024.

Due to its less physical demands, with no sweeping, shorter games, easier delivery and no movement over the length of the ice, stick curling allows curlers to prolong their years in the sport, despite knee, back or hip issues. Rather than crouching down in the hack and sliding out, players use a stick that slips onto the handle of the rock which allows them to simply walk and push the rock towards their target, releasing it from the stick with the proper rotation. All the challenge, strategy and skill of traditional curling remain!

While originally aimed at senior curlers, wheelchair curlers and Special Olympics athletes, the sport is now attracting a wide range of curlers of all ages due to the fun and challenging nature of the game. 2 Person Stick promotes the physical, mental and social well being of all who take part in it and we are looking forward to a fantastic season ahead!

League Contact Info: Standings:

Kevan Stranges
(807) 472-9690
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Chris Schiiler
(807) 251-2412
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2023-2024 Playoff A, B, C & D Winners
A Event: Nick & Chris
B Event: Dudley & Osadic
C Event: Chanook & Snook
D Event: Fern & Nancy

icon pdf thumb2023-2024 Stick Final Standings


2024/2025 2-Person Stick League Dates & Times

 League Night Dates Timeslot Flights   
Wednesdays Oct 16/2024 - Apr 9/2025 7-8pm A,B,C,D
Wednesdays Oct 16/2024 - Apr 9/2025 8-9pm A,B,C,D


2024/2025 2-Person Stick League Rates (per person)

 Frequency Base Cost HST Total
Every Wednesday $125.44 $16.31 $141.75

NOCA Fee*: $19 (NOCA $17 and Curling Canada $2 including taxes).
*Fee must be paid once, regardless of number of leagues entered, unless you have proof of payment at another club for the current season.

Click here to view all club league rates. 

Rules of Play

  1. The teams shall toss a coin to determine which team delivers the first stone in the first end. The winner of the toss has the choice between playing the first or second stone of the end. The team that plays the first stone of the end has choice of handle colour.
  2. Each team is comprised of two players regardless of gender.
    • One member of each team stays at each end of the rink and must not cross centre ice - except as provided for in extra ends and timeouts
    • The two delivering curlers alternate delivering six stones each per end, while their teammates skip that end. Then the roles are reversed.
  3. Each stone must be delivered with a delivery stick, from a standing or sitting (in a wheelchair) position.
  4. Sweeping/brushing is not allowed between the hog lines.
  5. The first three stones delivered in any end may not be removed from play before delivery of the fourth stone of that end. When any stone is removed from play prior to the fourth stone of the end, directly or indirectly and without exception, the delivered stone is removed from play and any other displaced stones replaced as close as possible to their original position(s).
  6. All games are 6 ends (or buzzer) whichever comes first. If the two teams agree prior to the game to play less than 6, the buzzer rule must still be followed if time becomes an issue. The buzzer indicates you complete the end you're in and play 1 more.
  7. An end is considered complete once the final stone thrown in an end comes to rest.
  8. Please remember to keep up the pace of play. The buzzer gives you 20 minutes before the next draw. You should be able to complete your game in that time frame.
  9. The “No-tick” Rule is not in effect.
  10. Ties are allowed in round robin play.

Unless otherwise stated above, the general rules of play from The Canada Stick Curling Association should be followed where applicable:
CSCA RULES - November 2023 FINAL (canadianstickcurling.ca)

Playoff Rules

The above Rules of Play apply with the following additions/modifications:

  1. For the Finals, the hammer will go to the team with the higher seed in the Final Standings. It will be noted on the draw board.
  2. Tie Breaker Rules: If a game is tied after the last end, an extra end with each player delivering 3 stones will be played to determine the winner. (The curlers exchange roles at the mid-point of an extra end to complete the end).

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