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Mens Squad Play-off Results

FWCC's Grand Aggregate winners are the Rick Lang team of Rick Lang, Al Laine, Brian Adams and Rob Dueck.  

MONDAY NIGHT Squad Winners:
A Squad-Don Lammi
B Squad-Larry Chepsiuk
C Squad - Andy Bes
D Squad - Gord Wywrot

TUESDAY NIGHT Squad winners:
A Squad - Kory Carr
B Squad - Rob Shubat
C Squad - Kris Woznesensky
D Squad - Mike Rutledge

WEDNESDAY NIGHT Squad winners:
A Squad - Adam Lang
B Squad - Terry Tsubouchi
C Squad - Bruce Lajat
D Squad -  Farrel Faulkerson

THURSDAY NIGHT Squad winners
A Squad - Jim Leadbeater
B Squad -  Warren Johnston
C Squad - Kris Woznesensky
D Squad - Vern Hicks
Club Grand Aggregate Champion:
Don Lammi, Dave Scholz, Bob Coutts, Bruce Scholz
Monday Champions:
A Squad - Gord Williams
B Squad - Yvon Begin
C Squad - Jack Peerenboom
D Squad - Gordon Wywrot
Tuesday Champions:
A Squad - Justin Whitehurst
B Squad - Michelle Boland
C Squad - Art Lappalainen
D Squad - George Daigle
Wednesday Champions:
A Squad - Don Lammi
B Squad - Greg Grace
C Squad - Ed Roche
D Squad - Darwin Wark
Thursday Champions:
A Squad - Darryl Cambly
B Squad - Jim Leadbeater
C Squad - Lorne Coombs
D Squad - Greg Wakewich