2017-18 Squad Winners

Series One Squad Winners:

Final Standings
Series #3
A-Squad: Jim Leadbeater [6-1]
B-Squad: Kevan Stranges [5-2]
C-Squad: Lakehead-Gold [6-1]

Series #2
A-Squad: Earl Cahill (6-1)
B-Squad: Chris McCallum (7-0)
C-Squad: Bruno Digiacinto (6-1)

Series #1
A-Squad: Jim Leadbetter (8-1) [Additional Playoff Position: Kendall, Coombs, Spakowski]
B-Squad: Lakehead-Blue (8-1) [Playoff Postion: Stranges]

Series #4
A-Squad: Krista McCarville (5-0)
B-Squad: Colin Koivula & Rick Chicorli (4-1)
Series #3
A-Squad: Krista McCarville (6-1) & Mike McCarville (6-1)
B-Squad: Peter Mihalcin (7-0)
Series #2
A-Squad: Mike McCarville (7-0)
B-Squad: Kasey Etreni (6-1)
Series #1
A-Squad: Mike McCarville (6-1)
B-Squad: Peter Mihalcin (6-1)

Wednesday (Stick League):
Series #3
A-Squad: Sonego/David (6-1)
B-Squad: Pak/Pak, Coulson/Dell (6-0-1)
C-Squad: Nemec/Sisco (5-1-1)
D-Squad: Begin/Begin (5-0-2)
Series #2
A-Squad: Sonego/David, Kopenchanski/Finley, Johnston/Green (5-2)
B-Squad: Cocker/Johnston (5-2)
C-Squad: Bell/Wesley (6-1)
D-Squad: Brown/Discasmirro (6-0-1)
Series #1
A-Squad: Sonego/David (7-0)
B-Squad: Childs/Buttars (5-1-1)
C-Squad: McCallum/Gorenzack (6-0-1)
D-Squad: Nemec/Catazzaro (6-1)

Final Standings
Series #4
A-Squad: Aaron Skillen (5-0)
B-Squad: Dave Sutton, Dylan Johnston, Ted Baker (4-1)
C-Squad: Bill Dell, Chris Spina (4-1)
Series #3
A-Squad: Aaron Skillen (6-1)
B-Squad: Len Hunt (6-1)
C-Squad: Lorne Coombs (6-1)
Series #2
A-Squad: Earl Cahill (6-1)
B-Squad: Alf Childs & LU - Mens & Dylan Johnston (5-2)
C-Squad: Dave Kawahara (6-1)
Series #1
A-Squad: Jim Leadbeater (7-0)
B-Squad: Aaron Skillen & Len Hunt (6-1)
C-Squad: Alf Childs (7-0)

2016-17 Open League Squad Champions


A Squad - Earl Cahill

B Squad - Matthew Smith 

C Squad - Gord Wywrot



A Squad - Colin Koivula

B Squad - Ian Monteith



A Squad - Ted Baker

B Squad - Dave Sutton

C Squad - Phil Belle 

Open League Squad Winners 2016 - 2017


Open League Winners 2015 16

Monday A Squad              Lorne Coombs

Monday B Squad              Gord Wywrot

Monday C Squad              Bruno Digiacinto


Tuesday A Squad              Rick Lang

Tuesday B Squad              Dan Greer


Thursday A Squad            Earl Cahill

Thursday B Squad            Chris Briand

Thursday C Squad            Cam Wyllie

Thursday D Squad            Len Hunt


Thanks to all members for a great season.   Looking forward to seeing you all back again in the fall.

Squad Champs Crowned

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 FWCC Open League squad champions: 
A SQUAD - Jim Leadbeater’s team (Wayne Vetterli, Lance Alexander and Linda Vetterli) defeated the Kris Woznesenky team
B SQUAD - Gary Whitney’s team (Don McConkey, Tim Lindsey and Mike Vasko) defeated the Lorne Coombs team        
C SQUAD - Gil Copetti’s team (Tom Bond, Brian Rigato and Jason Copetti) defeated the Gord Wywrot team                  

A SQUAD -  Al Hackner’s team of  Mike McCarville, Colin Koivula and Jamie Childs
B SQUAD - Sarah Pott’s team (Oye Sem Won, Tirzah Keffer and Lorraine Lang) defeated the Rick Chicorli team 
C SQUAD - Amy Stachiw’s team (Heather Houston, Mary Kay Skinner and Duncun Ruxton) defeated the  Gino Sonego team

A SQUAD - the Firefighters Team of John Russack, Glen Graydon, Bob Greer and Scott Brown defeated the Larry Chepsiuk team   
B SQUAD - Kris Woznesensky’s team (Marvin Pupeza, Bob Johnson and Dennis Sklazeski) defeated Earl Cahill’s team        
C SQUAD - Jamie Childs team (Christopher Heerema , Chris Spina and Ty Shannon) defeated the Len Hunt team
D SQUAD - Lorne Coombs team (Bruce Harms, Herb Mermans and Mel Matson) defeated the Craig Pero team

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Open League Wraps-Up 2013-14

Our 2013-14 evening Open League season wrapped up on Thursday, April 10. Congrats to the squad champions:
Monday A: Kris Woznesensky
Monday B: Ted Baker
Tuesday A: Rick Lang

Tuesday B:

Lance Alexander
Thursday A:

Mike Woznesensky

Thursday B: Cam Wylie
Thursday C: Ted Baker
Thursday D:   Paul Burke

Open League 2011/12 Squad Winners

Congratulations to all!

A - Don Lammi 
B- Marc Tetreault 
C - Mike Copetti 
D - Harvey Loewen
A- Rick Lang 
B - Dylan Johnston 
C - Kris Woznesensky 
D - Don Manahan
A - Gord Monty 
B - Warren Johnston 
C - Gord Sisco 
D - John Duke
Club Champions: 
David Buttars

Squad Winners - 2010-2011


Series 1:
Series 2:Series 3:
"A" Squad: Don Lammi
"B" Squad: Al Hogan & Lorne Coombs
"C" Squad: Brian Snell
"A" squad: Larry Chepsiuk
"B" squad: Gary Whitney
"C" squad: James Berrell, Gord Wywrot
& Tinker Mithrush
"A" Squad:: Jim Leadbetter
"B" Squad: Greg Kendall, Don Spakowski
"C" Squad: Gilbert Copetti, Brian Snell,
Bill Webb

Series 1:Series 2:Series 3:

"A" Squad: Rick Lang
B" Squad: Alan Ranta & Greg Kawahara
"C" Squad: Kris Woznesensky, Morris Stoyka, Scott McDonald & Doug Skinner
"D" Squad: Glen Kilpatrick
"A" Squad: Mike McCarville, Al Macsemchuk, Dave Buttars
"B" Squad: Mike Assad
"C" Squad: Kris Woznesensky
"D" Squad: Basil Hill, Don Manahan
"A" Squad: Rick Lang, Al Macsemchuk, Mike Assad
"B" Squad: Greg Kawahara
"C" Squad: Rick Chicorli, Paddy Wark
"D" Squad: Dave Kawahara
Series 1:Series 2:Series 3:
"A" Squad: Larry Chepsiuk
"B" Squad:Trevor Bonot
"C" Squad: Paul Finlay
"D" Squad: Brennan Wark
"A" Larry Chepsiuk
"B" Cody Johnston
"C" Len Hunt
"D" Gord Sisco
"A" Squad: Mike Woznesensky
"B" Squad: Trevor Bonot
"C" Squad: Jim Leadbetter,
Warren Johnston
"D" Squad: Don Sutton

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Mens Squad Play-off Results

Results from 2007/08 and 2006/07 seasons
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