2017-18 Squad Winners

Series One Squad Winners:

Overall Standings
A-Squad: Jim Leadbetter (8-1) [Additional Playoff Position: Kendall, Coombs, Spakowski]
B-Squad: Lakehead-Blue (8-1) [Playoff Postion: Stranges]

Series #2
A-Squad: Mike McCarville (7-0)
B-Squad: Kasey Etreni (6-1)
Series #1
A-Squad: Mike McCarville (6-1)
B-Squad: Peter Mihalcin (6-1)

Wednesday (Stick League):
A-Squad: Sonego/David (7-0)
B-Squad: Childs/Buttars (5-1-1)
C-Squad: McCallum/Gorenzack (6-0-1)
D-Squad: Nemec/Catazzaro (6-1)

Overall Standings
Series #2
A-Squad: Earl Cahill (6-1)
B-Squad: Alf Childs & LU - Mens & Dylan Johnston (5-2)
C-Squad: Dave Kawahara (6-1)
Series #1
A-Squad: Jim Leadbeater (7-0)
B-Squad: Aaron Skillen & Len Hunt (6-1)
C-Squad: Alf Childs (7-0)

Team Johnston wins DeKalb Superspiel!

Congratulations to Team Johnston for their winning performance in the DeKalb Superspiel!  FWCC is proud to see their success!  Way to represent!