Open League Play-offs

There will be play-offs for each of the 8 Squads:
Monday: A, B & C  
Tuesday: A & B 
Thursday: A, B & C

The play-offs are between the squad winners of Monday Series 1 to 4, and Tuesday and Thursday Series 1 to 3.
Where a team has won two different squads, they will play in the higher Squad playoff.

Semi-finals are already posted in the schedule, to occur on the last nights of your regular curling: Monday April 11, Tuesday April 12 and Thursday April 7.  All other teams are also scheduled to play those regular nights, even if they are not in the playoffs.

Finals will all be held on Thursday April 13.
All final games will be scheduled at 7 pm. There will be food supplied after the games (9 pm) and prizes awarded to winners. 
All Open League and Stick league curlers are invited to attend, cheer and enjoy the food and fellowship at this season wind-up event.